Saucy Handwritten Customer Thank You Letter Example

In the video below Ryan shows an awesome handwritten customer thank you letter he got Kevin over at Hustlesauces.com. This is the exact sort of use case Thanks.io was built for, so it definitely made our day. (Is also pretty fun that it came from a fellow Hustle Saucer! ) …

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Marketing Agency Strategy (vs. Tactics) w/ David Baer

In this episode we talk marketing agency strategy w/ David Baer, of ThePreparedGroup.Com David also reveals a little bit about some of the special “sauce” he’s been adding to his own funnels lately. If you’d like to check out The Prepared Group’s book club, you can do so, by clicking …

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Fast Motion Facebook Video Ads Tactic

Just wanted to share one of our “go to” tactics when it comes to Facebook Ad Creatives. Speeding Up Your Facebook Video Ads so they’re in “Pattern Interrupting” fast motion. Basically.. just take whatever video you’re driving traffic to… And speed it up. Here’s the ad we just ran for …

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Solar Energy Marketing Idea — Mail A Gift Card Bribe

Whether you’re a solar energy marketer or not, you might find the campaign outlined in this Thanks.io based gift card bribe video to be pretty saucy. This basic solar energy marketing idea is to offer a gift card in exchange for a personal meeting. These meetings can either be over …

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How To Get Email Subscribers (w/ Saucy Bribes)

If you’ve got a website, and you’ve thought about how to get email subscribers, then you might like what we’re doing below this post. Instead of just saying “subscribe to our email newsletter,” these days you have to give people a little more of a “reason why” for doing so. …

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Cold Facebook Messaging Sauce (w/ Jason Starbuck)

Have you ever tried “cold facebook messaging?” Sorta like cold emailing, or cold calling, but with fb messenger. In this episode Jason Starbuck of MOVD30.Com shares how he’s using cold messaging on Facebook to launch his new MOVD product. —————————————- It’s a pretty low risk approach from a financial perspective …

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