Make Money Posting Videos On Tiktok?

If you’re wondering about how to make money on tiktok… well there’s a lotta ways actually.

At the time this is being written in June 2022, it’s pretty easy to get eyeballs on Tik Tok videos.. And if you’re strategic about placing text overlays on your videos, it’s definitely possible to use Tik Tok to make a little money.

I’ve been testing this with my brother Zac [@dr.zachartmanph.d] and my son Charlie [@charlieburps247] … and the early results have been interesting.

People are clicking over to the GetPaid2Tok.com and CharlieBurps.com overlays that lead over to pages on this site.

Example click coming over from tiktok from Zac’s “GETPAID2TOK” video overlay…


How Do You Turn Tik Tok Visitors Into Money?

You could make a little bit of money from tiktok via:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your own products, or
  • Getting a business owner to pay you to drive clicks their way…

Selling your own products and getting business owners to pay you to advertise on their videos is definitely a good way to go, but for the purposes of this post…

We’re going to focus on using tiktok to make money by “driving traffic to affiliate offers.”

What Are Make Money Affiliate Offers?

I’ll assume that most regular Hustlesauce readers are familiar with affiliate marketing, but since a lot of visitors to this post might be people coming over from a silly video on tik-tok, let’s talk quickly about what affilate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is where a product owner pays you every time you send them someone and they take an action.

The desired action is usually a purchase, but there are many “cpa” affiliate offers that’ll pay you just for generating a lead in the form of a contact info submit or a phone call.

So how do we make money from affiliate offers using tiktok?

Here’s the process:

Step 1 – Find An Offer To Promote That TikTokkers will Like

If you’re tik-tok channel is geared toward a specific “niche” audience, then you’ll want to find an affiliate offer related to that niche.

One good way to find an affiliate program that’ll pay you money for sending traffic over from your tiktok videos is to just google a term like “Your Niche Affiliate Programs.”

So.. if you have a tiktok channel all about day trading stocks, you might google “Day Trading Stocks” Affiliate programs. And you’ll no doubt find some programs.

You could also create a Clickbank account and search their categories for something that fits your niche.

clickbank affiliate categories

But if your channel doesn’t really have a “niche” and it’s just something general and silly like the “Charlie Burps” channel, then you’ll just want to pick an offer in a “universal niche.”

The 3 main niches are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

For tiktok traffic you’re probably going to do good promoting something related to making money on social media, like the popular “Paying Social Media” Jobs offer that pops up when you search “Money” on Clickbank.

Or something like “Soul Mate Sketch” that’s just really fun and is making a lot of sales in the “relationship” category.

Just try to pick something that pays pretty well and is selling at a pretty good rate. (on Clickbank, you can tell if something is selling by looking at the “gravity” score” )

Once you find an offer you like, you’ll want to go ahead and sign up for the affiliate network that has the offer. Here’s the link to clickbank if you want to check it out.

Step 2 – Get Tiktokkers To Visit Your Affiliate Offer

In order to get people watching your tiktok videos to click over to your money making affiliate offer, you’ll follow this process:

Buy A Catchy, Easy To Remember Domain Name From A Domain Registrar

I like to use Domain Cost Club because I buy a lot of domains… and by paying annual membership dues I can get domains at a much more affordable rate than I can on sites like Godaddy.

But if you’ve never bought a domain before, you’re probably best off just going to Godaddy and buying the domain.

Set Your Domain To “Forward” To Your Chosen Affiliate Offer

All domain registrars will let you send anyone who types your domain into a web browser to any other url you want.

Here’s how to forward a purchased domain in Godaddy.

YouTube player

The process will be pretty similar for other registrars such as Domain Cost Club.

The url you’re forwarding will always be to the URL of the product that’s paying you money.

Include Your Forwarded Domain On As Many Tik-Tok Videos As Possible

On tiktok, (as you probably already know), it’s pretty easy to put a text overlay on top of a video.

Here’s a quick video of how to do it:

YouTube player

So.. every time you make a tik tok video, (if you want it to make money)… just type out your URL and have it sit on top of the video.

Here’s an example from one of Zac’s videos:

Zac Hartman on Tiktok

And from one of Charlie’s…


One Other Thing About This…

You might be wondering… “do i need the http:// and the www?”

No not necessarily… and if the domain you chose is easy to remember then just having the url without www should be totally fine.

For example, CharlieBurps.com is pretty easy.

And so is GetPaid2Tok.com

Once you’ve chosen your affiliate offer and you’ve practiced getting your domain name overlayed on your first video, the key to making money from tiktok is staying consistent with your video making!

Step 3 – To Make Money, Post Videos (with text url overlays) Every Day!

Consistency is key in any money making endeavor.

You won’t be able to just follow this process one time and expect to make a sale.

In fact, you might not make a sale in your first 10, or even first 100 visitors you generate to your offer from Tik-tok.

But, if you can do this for 100 days straight… or even a full year, you’ll probably like the results.

Creating 365 videos alone should start to build you some kind of following on TikTok… and if that following is always seeing the same url (over and over, every day), it won’t be long before they get curious and type it in to their browser to see what it’s all about.

There Are Definitely Other Ways To Make Money From Tiktok

But this is probably the fastest and the easiest…

Taking this approach, where you post something daily with a text overlay to an affiliate offer is a good way to make little bits of money, while you build up a following.

Once your following grows, you’ll have lots more options for tik tok monetization…

But yeah.. this is the fastest, easiest way to go!

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