Cold Facebook Messaging Sauce (w/ Jason Starbuck)

Have you ever tried “cold facebook messaging?”

Sorta like cold emailing, or cold calling, but with fb messenger.

In this episode Jason Starbuck of MOVD30.Com shares how he’s using cold messaging on Facebook to launch his new MOVD product.

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It’s a pretty low risk approach from a financial perspective and they way Jason’s gathering data and adjusting his “hustle” on the fly makes a ton of sense.

In case you’re curious about the messaging he sent to Ryan, here are some screenshots of the thread below. Definitely watch the whole episode above and check out Jason’s MOVD30 for more context.

Jason’s message after Ryan accepted friend request…

Screenshot 135

Screenshot 136

Ryan didn’t take any action on the first convo, then about 6 months later, Jason sent this…

cold facebook message 1

cold facebook message 2

cold facebook message 3

cold facebook message 4

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