New Handwritten Style Added For All Thanks.io Direct Mail Types

Thanks.io recently got another font added to it’s lineup of handwritten styles for postcards, notecards, letters, and gift cards. The new “Notey” font matches the font that goes on Thanks.io notecards by default. Here’s what Notey handwriting looks like: You can see it pictured on one of our notecards, here: …

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Dynamic Creative Postcard Builder – New Thanks.io Feature

Thanks.io recently added a bunch of functionality around designing the “front” side of their 4×6 and 6×9 postcards. Users of the platform can now “dynamically” alter the content of the front side of the by inserting: Google Map & Street View of the Recipient Address Recipient contact data such as …

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How To Make A GIF

Ok so let’s talk about how to make a “GIF” (which stands for Graphics Interchange Format.) (pronounced, JIFF (soft J/G) or GIFF (hard g)… say it however you want, just don’t fight over it like these guys. Basically a “GIF” is an animated image (that moves)… And there are many …

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Does Direct Mail Make Sense For Lead Generation?

In the video below Ryan shows some “QR Code Scan” rates from the Thanks.io platform. A QR code scan in thanks.io is someone taking out their phone and scanning a code in order to get something that you’re offering. Could be a free report, a website url, a gift card… …

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Make Money Posting Videos On Tiktok?

If you’re wondering about how to make money on tiktok… well there’s a lotta ways actually. At the time this is being written in June 2022, it’s pretty easy to get eyeballs on Tik Tok videos.. And if you’re strategic about placing text overlays on your videos, it’s definitely possible …

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Operations Automation Sauce w/ Tiffany Bottcher, Elenore.io

Tiffany’s “sauce” is that she helps service business owners set up time and money saving “operations automations” for their business. Definitely check out Elenore.io if you’re thinking this sort of sauce could work well for your business. (it probably can!)

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